Lawn Treatment Program

Lawn Treatment Program

Our complete lawn treatment program consists of seven treatments per year. Each treatment occurs on five to eight week intervals depending on weather and the timing of the application being performed.

Preventative Weed Control

Pre-emergent weed control is your first line of defense against a weed invasion. We will apply an appropriate pre-emergent herbicide for the specific time of year and the weeds being targeted.

Post-emergent Weed Control

Not all weeds can be controlled by pre-emergent and some will persist through the barrier. We will also control weeds with post-emergent herbicide at the proper intervals using targeted weed control methods.

Custom Blend Fertilizers

The best defense from a weed infestation is a thick, healthy lawn that leaves no room for weeds to grow. We only use specially blended fertilizers specific to our clients’ lawns to achieve the best nutritional environment for your lawn.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are professionals and will provide our services to the best of our ability. However, if you are unsatisfied with our performance on your lawn, we will retreat it at no cost to you.